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Deb, D., Fuad, M., Irwin, K. "A Module-based Approach to Teaching Big data and Cloud Computing Topics at CS Undergraduate Level", In the Proceedings of the SIGCSE '19: the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, February, 2019. doi>10.1145/3287324.3287494

Social Science Module

·       Data Analysis - Part 1 (tutorial)

·       Data Analysis - Part 2 (tutorial)

o   Cities.csv

o   Countries.csv

o   CitiesJoin.csv

·       Project

o   EPA Data

·       Student Survey Responses

CS0 Class (Introductory Module)

·       Lecture on Cloud Computing

·       Lecture on Big data

·       Pre- Quiz

·       Post- Quiz

·       Survey

Algorithm Class (Intermediate Module)

·       Lecture on Parallel Algorithms and MapReduce

·       MapReduce Tutorial




o   temp.txt


o   pg100.txt

·       Exam Questions

·       Project

o   OrderDB.txt

Computer Architecture Class (Intermediate Module)

·       Lecture on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

·       AWS Tutorial

·       Project Handout

Database Management Class (Intermediate Module)

·       Lecture on Big Database Management Systems

·       Lecture on Spark

·       Spark Installation Instruction

·       Project Handout

o   employee.json


o   FB-large.csv

o   FB-small.csv