The iBigCloud research team at WSSU aims to increase awareness and interest in big data and cloud computing among WSSU community and to conduct activities that will integrate this collective paradigm into the CS curricula and research.The research activities in this lab are led by Dr. Debzani Deb.


Specific project goals are

  • To build the big data and cloud computing research capacity at Winston-Salem state university.
  • To involve undergraduate students in cutting-edge research.
  • To enhance educational experiences for CS and IT majors at WSSU.
  • To expand the participation of underrepresented minority, specifically women, in STEM and support the nation’s efforts in building a robust STEM workforce.

Current Fundings

  • NSF, “Improving Research and Education of Big Data and Cloud Computing at Winston-Salem State University”, Award Number: 1600864 $307,802, 2016 – 2019.
  • NSF, “Collaborative Research: Excellence In Research: Computational Framework and Data Science for Identification”, Award Number: 1900087 $299,962, 2019-2022.
  • NSF, “Targeted Infusion Project: “Integrating Data Science into the Urban Studies and Sustainability Program”, Award Number: 1912214 $249,825.00, 2019-2022.

Previous Fundings

  • UNC Research Cyberinfrastructure Colaboration Grant
  • Senior personnel: Dr. Debzani Deb, WSSU
  • WSSU RIP Award
  • “Utility-based Resource Provisioning of Big Data Applications on Cloud Environment”
    Amount: $9,690.00
    June, 2016 to November, 2017
    PI: Dr. Debzani Deb, WSSU